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Unlock the potential of seamless imports from Türkiye and experience a partnership that goes beyond transactions

With promiba, you will Turn Complexity into Simplicity , Stress into Happiness . More than 15 years in the export sector , we help our clients and new customers from selecting the right manufacturers and products  to   getting their goods to their Destinations in right time .


Who can use Promiba?

If you need any of the following in Turkey who can make tasks easier in your presence or absence in Turkey , then you qualify to call promiba now

Import/purchasing agent

Promiba will assist in vetting or sourcing potential suppliers in Turkey. It will conduct due diligence to verify the reliability and reputation of suppliers, helping you make informed decisions about your business partners

Logistic agent

They may assist in optimizing logistics costs by identifying cost-effective routes, modes of transportation, and storage solutions.

Fixing agent

Planning and coordinating events, meetings, or business activities, allowing foreign individuals or businesses to focus on their core objectives while Promiba handles the details.

Local agent

Serving as a local representative, Promiba provides a physical presence for foreign brands in Turkey, enhancing accessibility and fostering trust among local consumers and partners.

Technology consultant

Coordinating training programs to up skill your employees ,Collaborating on custom software development projects to meet your specific needs,Developing and implementing digital transformation strategies to modernize business operations as well as Facilitating partnerships and collaborations with local technology companies.

Legal agent

Assisting foreign clients to find good lawyers in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts with Turkish entities, ensuring legal clarity and protection of interests..

Tourism agent

Offering customer support services in the local language to cater to the needs of Medical, Educational and Holiday travelers, providing assistance, information, and addressing inquiries.

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Our comprehensive suite of services spans market entry strategies, regulatory compliance, business development, Education, Medical And Business Tourism.  From understanding local regulations to crafting effective market positioning strategies, we provide the insights and expertise needed for sustainable success

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