Water Solutions

water products and solutions include Waste Water Systems Rain Gutters and Fittings, PP-r Systems, ppr pipes , ppr fittings ,ppr valves , PE-X Systems, Accessories ,Manifolds,PE-rt Pipe / Coil, ,Elbow,


Sanitary Solutions

Sanitary products and solutions include Washbasins, Bathroom furniture, Accessories, Faucets,Shower trays,Shower screens,Shower mixers,SensoWash shower toilet,Toilets,Bidets Urinals,Toilet accessories, Installation systems,Actuator plates,Bathtubs,Bathtub covers,Bath mixers,Hand-shower


Gas Solutions

Sanitary products and solutions include Pressure regulator, Gas saving regulator, Cutting Torch, Propane Type Cutting Torch, Nozzle-Mix Type Cutting Torch, Welding and Cutting Outfit, Portable Flame Cutting Machine ROK Natural Gas Valves Natural Gas Connection Valves Natural Gas Service Box

Electric and power Solutions

Generators ,Air Circuit Breakers,Rotary Cam Switches,Delay On Star/Delta Time Relay,Motor Protection Switches,Automatic Transfer Switches,Residual Current Circuit Breakers,L.V Instrument Transformers,LV Surge Protection Devices,Low Voltage Cables,Halogen Free Cables,Medium Voltage Cables,High Voltage Cables,Copper Conductor,Rubber Cables


Automobile Turkey

Automobile Solutions

agricultural products

Agriculture Solutions