Why you need an import agent in Turkey

Why you need an import agent in Turkey

Many types of companies, from multi-continents  prefer a recommendation  before they import

A variety of factors influence the best ways of effective communication in business.

Difference in language, mentality, culture, geographical location, political uprisings and practical considerations are big barriers between a supplier in Turkey and a buyer in another country .

Located in Istanbul, we help our international importing companies from sourcing the manufacturers, bargaining for best prices, following the orders; and most importantly inspection when loading.

Being better storytellers and business strategists gives us an advantage over other agencies. We deliver exceptional results through our unique storytelling approach that builds our clients’ brands and positively impacts their business.

While our inherent strengths lie in credibility and experience, we are working to extend our services to different parts of the world like Qatar, United Arab , Emirates, Chad etc  through agents  to enable our clients receive best services within their home countries

Why you need agent in Turkey when importing
  1. To reach high quality products with the best price.
  2. To monitor your order from quotation , production and shipping
  3. To reduce the costs of import .
  4. To simply synchronize . You only talk with those understand what you say.
  5. For small businesses , it is easy to load products from different manufacturers.

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